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Given the strong demand of tissue regeneration materials in the world, we have researched various avenues such as gene regulation, protein engineering, clinical research, product development and testing. They have completed the process of development from basic research to clinical trial. This makes us a rare group of specialists in regeneration material and gene regulation.

For two decades, we have recruited first-class biotechnology experts from across the world, specializing in collagen matrix tissue regeneration materials and molecular image inspection. This group has accomplished extraordinary results from experimental cures of bone, alveolar and cartilage defection. This has acquired international medical academy recognition and verification. As the completion of the procedures of raw material extraction, maturing manufacturing process, and animal experimentation comes to a close, we plan to build up industrialization of this technique in order to bring people a better quality of life.

What we going to bring into the market is believed to affect the future of world medical industry and it’s development. "Refreshing your life" will allow the regeneration of soft and hard tissue defects no longer be a dream but a reality.

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