Regenerative Engineering


Bone Tissue Engineering

We provide a device containing our regenerative bone graft that combines the functions of mixing and injecting. This bone graft can be fluid when it’s at low temperature and a jelly state when it is injected into a warm body. After injection it grafts in the body and will accelerate Osteogenesis.

Tissue Regenerative Biocompatibility Membrane

Our biocompatibility membrane technology provides a Cell Culture Reactor, which is an organism-like 3D environment. It helps growing great amounts of healthy cells in a short period of time for the tissue engineering transplant.

Membrane Sprayer Regenerative Technology

Spray-forming Technology is use for forming membranes, especially for narrow and curved areas, which are hard to rebuild functionality in patients. Making an incision is not necessary for surgery because the technology used is a sprayer. This provides a cell growing structure for the regeneration.

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