Nano Molecular Imaging


Nano Molecular Imaging System

With our Nano Molecular Imaging System, we can inspect bone cell differentiation, bone formation, bone integration (Osteointegration) and other changes in bone structure. We do this in order to precisely measure the repair needed. Most medical systems imagers view a twisted image. The twisted image will fail to help precisely inspect interspace between implants and tissue, which may cause the implant failing.

Nano Probe Technology

Nano Probe Technology can inspect illness that relates to bone generation, which include extra pulmonary tuberculosis, prostate cancer and others. Our new development is using near-infrared fluorescence to aid in inspection.
( ACS Nano 5(6): 4337-4344, 2011 )
( International Journal of Molecular Science. 2012,13, 3988-4002 )

System Equipment

Our nanos in vivo molecular imaging system equipment have over 80% resolution and sensitivity, which is better than other equipment in the market today.

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